Nutrition Consulting 


Running low on energy?

Want to conquer those unhealthy cravings?

Ready to lose weight and truly keep it off?

It is time to quit dieting and truly find the healthy change you are looking for!  The goal is not to take away your favorite foods, but to learn how to incorporate healthier versions of those foods into your diet.  Sabrina will take the time to get to know YOU and understand YOUR cravings, ALWAYS!  

What to expect:

  • Meal planning to suit your tastebuds and lifestyle
  • Numerous clean eating tips and tools to help you succeed
  • Recipe make-overs so you can still enjoy your favorite foods
  • Meal planning around food allergies or intolerances
  • Food brand recommendations
  • Supplement advice
  • Education on mindful eating 

“Sabrina recently created a nutritional program to help me battle weight gain and my unhealthy sugar cravings. She spent extensive time with me getting to know me and my lifestyle in relation to my diet and triggers for my unhealthy eating patterns. She then created an awesome plan that provided healthy substitutions that never made me feel like I was on a diet!!!! I still always refer back to the plan and make healthier choices overall thanks to the education she gave me. She is incredibly understanding, supportive, and realistic... AMAZING at what she does! Thanks Sabrina for improving my life!”

- Amie R.